Martin De Leon

I'm Israeli/ first generation Israeli, Egyptian, Canadian. I was born in Montreal April 26, 1977. Growing up, I was heavily influenced by my grandparents, they were great storytellers. Their stories were captivating detailed and inspiring. It was as if they painted a piece of art with their words. My grandmother, who was in real estate, often took me around Montreal and showed me her love and passion for architecture, design, style, and time periods of every kind of furniture. We spent our time buying and selling at auction houses where I learned a lot about art, music, and sculptures. She taught me how finding one statement piece could inspire a whole room or even a whole house. Its a talent you can't acquire. It's instinctual. When she saw at age 8 how Involved I got with her and had my own vision about even the placement of a chair in a room, she knew I had inherited her incredible ability and taste for decor. She said I would get a twinkle in my eyes. It soon became my passion.

At age 19 my love for design and art outgrew my surroundings. I wanted more and made the move to Miami where I was immersed in more culture, design, and decor than I imagined. I would travel around the globe weeks at a time to be inspired by other cultures, history, and decor but always kept Miami as my base .

This is what I've been doing for 23 years. Creating art and telling stories through interior decor and design for others. My work is my passion and my passion is my life.